Κυριακή, 1 Μαρτίου 2009

Egyptian Love Poem

I love you. I’m going to steal your heart Because I am hungry for your love. There is no other woman in my heart. Unloose the bolt to your heart. Dance with me till the land brightens. You are my first, my end, my everything.

Heaven on earth is being in your embrace. You are beautiful of face. Your body is carved in alabaster. I adore you like a flower or a star. You are my first, my end, my everything.
I taste your lips and they are like a soft breeze. I smell your perfume.You are a goddess to me.
I was blind but with you I see. I will take away your clothes
Because we wish to make love. I breathe upon your body, making you tremble with exultation. I kiss every place of your body. You fill me with desire.
I will obey your every command.
I can’t stop loving you.
I love you.